Monday, January 29, 2007

New addition to my happy little family

Hi there! I know it has been a while, but sometimes it feels as though I need a clone of myself to potentially do everything I want to do. So finally I am here, back to writing in my blog.

I got a new critter this weekend from the Palm Beach County Fair. My girlfriends mom bought us tickets to get in. We mosied around and enjoyed each others company as we watched all the little ones sponge in the fun! Its funny how the fair used to be so much cooler when you were younger. Now it just smells funny, you cant walk 5 feet without being stepped on and the prices are outrageous! Anywho, I was saying I have a new addition added to my little happy home. His name is Gary! He is a Teddy Guinea Pig, and he is the coolest looking little thing ever. I held quite a bit of them there, and none of them felt like they belonged to me until I held Gary. Now if you are curious as to why his name is Gary, which I am sure you are because knowing why I named my Guinea Pig is about as exciting as whether or not Britney Spears put on underwear this morning, his name is Gary because we already have a Patrick. Now to some of you, this makes perfectly good sense and to others its gibberish. SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS! Yes, yes my roomate Jennifer has a corgi named Patrick, and therefor we thought that we would name our new "pig" Gary. You see Gary is actually a snail but he meows like a cat. My gary is actually a rodent but he squeals like a pig, somehow that made perfect sense, and Gary it was.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I am 22 and I think I have a few grays!

Its amazing no matter how bad your animals act you love them unconditionally. I assume this is similiar to having children. Which I better get used to because I have one on the way. J/K Mom! This is my baby Carmine (as close to a child as I am going to get for a while!) he is an Attractive Male Shih Tzu, and I am proud to be his owner (most of the time...LOL).

Yesterday five o' clock rolled around and once again it was time to "close up shop" and run home and take care of the munchkins (the dogs). As I opened my garage I could hear Carmine, my Shih Tzu going on Pit Bull, screaming at the top of this lungs. "Mommy, Oh my goodness I hear you out there, hurry up, I have been all by myself all day!" I rush to the front door to say hello, put down my purse, pick up my rug-rat and then sit down and attempt to breathe as he suffocates me with his face! We then went on our routine potty trip outside, followed by a gourmet dinner, and a nice belly rub.

I decide its time to start getting my Christmas presents ready to ship to my mom and Liz, and to pack the others for grandma's house. I started picking them up only find that my beautiful baby boy had decided that the Christmas tree resembled the one, we frequent in the backyard. Yes, my beloved angel peed on all of my presents, not to mention, the tree and skirt! I could have died. As I was fuming I turned around only to find the "little rat" snuggled up on his lush suede bed, sleeping. I saw that little face and couldnt bear the thought of waking him let alone yelling at him. Soft, I know!

I realized something yesterday, though. Can you believe a one year old puppy taught me the meaning of patience and forgiveness. No matter how many times, I go to a friends house a month, or leave him to go to work, he always forgives me! When I get home, nothing else in the world matters to him but to spend time with his mommy and his best friend. So I figured, yeah he slips up and I end up spending 3 hours re-wrapping everything, but what he gives me in return is worth all of it.

I also learned to not put wrapped Christmas presents under the tree with a one year old puppy. Common sense you would think...Ask Carye, I have none! Book smart as hell, but I would lose my head if it wasnt attached my body.

Its the little things that count

Today has been one of those days. Its amazing how a little piece of paper and some kind words can change your whole day. I got a letter from my IT Department in the mail today. It reads...

Dear Samantha,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all of the support you give to the IT Department year round. It is people like you that make a difference.

Please enjoy the enclosed gift certificate, on behalf of myself and the IT Department.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year!

Agustin Barrios

When I first opened the letter I was assuming it was a task Agustin needed done, but to my amazement it was this letter and a reminder to pay it forward.

It made me smile, and I thought I would share with others.

This is my first blog, hope I did ok momma!